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62. Welding Conference & IIW International Congress


Welding conference and IIW International Congress

Welding conference and IIW International Congress
were held during the International Welding Fair ExpoWelding in Sosnowiec, Poland.



IIW International Congress and 62nd Welding Conference

International Welding Conference, this year accompanied by the IIW International Congress, held together with  ExpoWelding International Welding Fair in Sosnowiec are the most important meeting of the welding specialists in Poland. For over a decade it has been an important and permanent event in the calendar of the welding personnel. It gathers representatives of research centres and industrial enterprises engaged in welding technology.  

This year’s meeting was held on 3-15 October 2020 and its motto was “Cutting-Edge Welding Engineering-Modernity of the Future”. The three-day event was dedicated to various issues connected with welding and allied technologies as well as testing and environmental engineering. During the IIW International Congress and Conference we welcomed our Guests Of Honour: Mr. David Landon – the President of the International Institute of Welding, Dr Luca Costa – Chief Executive Officer of the International Institute of Welding and Dr Michał Kubica – the President of European Welding Federation. The event was conducted under the patronage of Poland’s Ministry of Development and Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice.


The IIW Congress and 62nd Welding Conference was organised by Łukasiewicz – Instytut Spawalnictwa (Łukasiewicz – Institute of Welding), the Institute at present is belonging to Łukasiewicz Research Network, the third largest research network in Europe, having 8 thousand employees and 32 research institutes located in 12 cities in Poland. Łukasiewicz Research Network was established in 2019, however the Institute as an independent research centre has already been operating for 75 years. Established on 28 March 1945 as National Institute of Welding consistently carries out the tasks resulting from needs and requirements of industry in Poland, offering practically everything that is necessary for modern industry in the field of welding technology. The IIW Congress and 62nd Conference were the opportunity to celebrate the jubilee of Instytut Spawalnictwa.

This year the organisers of the meeting faced a great challenge, as due to the pandemic and sanitary restrictions it was impossible to conduct the conference in a traditional way. It was decided then to organise the hybrid meeting, i.e. 60 attendees participated in the onsite events while over 160 participants could use an online connection. Online lectures were held by lecturers from abroad (USA, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, India) as well as from numerous Polish research centres. The results of research  were also presented on posters.

One of the events during the IIW Congress was the ceremony of awarding Stanisław Olszewski Medal to eminent welding specialists in recognition of their substantial contribution to the development of welding branch. Stanisław Olszewski was a Polish engineer and inventor. He developed, together with Nikolay Benardos, a Russian engineer, a method of arc welding, patented in France in 1885 and in the US in 1887. Medal commemorating Stanisław Olszewski has been established by the Society of Polish Mechanical Engineers & Technicians.


ExpoWelding International Welding Fair, a leading welding fair in Central Europe, accompanied the Welding Conference for the 7th time. Specialists in welding and allied technology have opportunity to familiarize themselves with newest offer in the field of welding equipment and technology.

We thank all the lecturers and participants who, despite the difficulties, decided to participate in those events. We also appreciate the effort the Expo Silesia, a modern fair and conference centre, put into organisation of the Fair. Expo Silesia was also responsible for technical issues during the conference (broadcasting and online connection), without which the events would not have been carried out.

We invite you to the next International Welding Conference and ExpoWelding Fair that will be organised from 18 to 20 October 2022!