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Instytut Spawalnictwa develops and tests specialist equipment and welding consumables

Welding equipment:

  • inverter welding power sources for induction heating and plasma welding
  • specialised stations for welding and allied processes
  • quality control, measurement and recording systems used in welding
  • control systems for welding, brazing, plasma and gas cutting as well as heat treatment process esequipment for vibratory stabilisation of welded structures
  • equipment for pressure inspection of welded joints

Welding materials

Instytut offers specialised filler metals, fluxes and pastes for brazing and soldering as well as assistance during their implementation:

  • flux for gas welding
  • activating flux for A-TIG welding of stainless steel
  • casting flux powder
  • self-shielding flux-cored wire for surfacing
  • fluxes for soldering and brazing