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The SW06A hybrid system for vibrational stabilisation of metal structures

System for vibrational stabilisation

An entirely new system only partly based on the former solutions. It offers innovative procedure dedicated for recording of parameters (amplitudes of vibration) and computer control process analysis, what significantly improved its efficiency.


System for vibrational stabilisation contains:

  • Motovibrator – for putting in vibration the structure to be stabilised
  • Control system
    PC computer (laptop) with software for conducting the process. SW06A system software makes it possible to operate the process manually or automatically. All parameters can be recorded and controlled. Process parameters are archived in the mass storage or via USB connection terminal in a portable storage.   
  • Acceleration sensor

The system makes it possible to conduct vibrational stabilisation of heavy structures (of up to 30 t). Best results in the form of dimensional stability can be acquired in the case of machinery structures, such as: wheelcases, machine bases, power unit frames, machine frames, frames of electronic motors and generators, frames and crossrails of machining equipment, toothed wheel rims, etc.

Having in mind the environmental aspect, it should be emphasised that vibrational treatment makes it possible to eliminate stress relief annealing for stabilisation of components for machine construction.  The process of stress relief annealing consumes often large amounts of energy as well as not all materials can be treated in this manner of heat treatment. The effectiveness of vibrational stabilisation is similar to relief annealing in respect of change of dimensions and shapes after exact mechanical treatment. At the same time, vibrational stabilisation is an energy saving process.

The device offered by Łukasiewicz – Instytut Spawalnictwa is an unique hybrid solution equipped with electric and pneumatic drives, making it possible to conduct the process at extremely high frequency of up to 700 Hz. This enables the vibrational stabilisation of wide range of products. The devices being offered in the worldwide market can conduct vibrational treatment at frequency of 100 Hz (sporadically of up to 200 Hz).

Our solution has initiated new generation of vibrational stabilisation devices having significantly increased technological potential. They can be used for stabilisation of structures of higher rigidity that haven’t been earlier subjected to the process of stabilisation. Wider application of vibrational stabilisation makes it possible to reduce the range of structures intended for relief annealing, and at the same time reduce costs and energy consumption.

Application of vibratory stabilisation gives not only the possibility to eliminate costs of relief annealing but also can replace natural seasoning (aging), already used for dimensional stabilisation in the industry. Seasoning is the long-lasing process (even up to two years) and therefore is uneconomical. According to the economic analyses the technology of vibrational stabilisation enables reduction of energy consumption by over 90%, manufacture costs by 70% and production time by 80% if compared with natural aging and relief annealing.

It should be noted that SW06A system ensures:

  • high energy efficiency of the dimensional stabilisation process
  • reduction of production costs
  • savings of time necessary for dimensional stabilisation
  • low operating costs

As a result of application of modern software and electronic components the system SW06A is significantly less expensive than similar systems offered in the market and therefore is more competitive if compared with them.

System for vibrational stabilisation


Hybrid vibratory equipment, especially for dimensional stabilisation of metal products – examples of application

Hybrid vibratory equipment, especially for dimensional stabilisation of metal products – examples of application

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