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Preliminary Programme

Tuesday, 18th October

9:00 Opening and visiting of the International  Welding Fair ExpoWelding 2022
14:00–14:30 Welcome and opening of the Conference
14:30–17:00 Presentation of papers
18:00 Banquet (Vienna House Easy Katowice)


Wednesday, 19th October

9:00–12:00  Presentation of papers
12:30–13:30 Lunch
13:30–17:00 Visiting the Fair exposition
19:00 Banquet (MCK Katowice Ballrooms)


Thursday, 20th October

9:00–12:00 Presentation of papers
12:00–13:30 Lunch
13:30–15:00 Visiting the Fair exposition

Tuesday, October 18th


Opening and a tour of the International Welding Exhibition ExpoWelding 2022

1400 – 1430

Opening of the Conference
Welcoming the guests by:

dr. inż. Adam Pietras, Director of Ł – IS

Welding Engineering in the Network of New Opportunities, GIT

Adam Pietras - Director of Łukasiewicz Research Network- Institute of Welding

Ceremony of awarding the Medal of inż. Stanisław Olszewski

1430 – 1530

Session I

1430 - 1445

Adjustment of Process Parameters in the Brazing of Aluminium Heat Exchangers

Zbigniew Mirski –Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Jarosław Pabian – Mahle Behr Ostrów Wielkopolski Sp. z o.o

1445 – 1500

Welding of Thin-Walled Mobile Platform Structure Made of Steel DOCOL 1400M

 Tomasz Węgrzyn, Bożena Szczucka-Lasota – Silesian University of Technology

1500 – 1515

High-Power Welding Processes – Comparison of Properties and Applications
Steffen Keitel – SLV Halle GmbH

1515 – 1530

Welding of Steel P91 Using All‐Position Flux-Cored Wire Characterised by Lower Contents of Trace Elements and Improved Mechanical Properties

Zhuyao Zhang, Sorin Craciun, Vincent van der Mee, Krzysztof Sadurski – Lincoln Electric Europe

1530 – 1600

Coffee break

1600 – 1700

Session II

1600 – 1615

Requirements of Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (PER 1105, UK) for Personnel and Permanent Joint-Related Procedures

Mariusz Janusz-Bielecki – TÜV

1615 – 1630

Primary Challenges of Integrating Applications in the Production of Electrical Vehicles
Marcin Alexy – AMADA WELD TECH

1630 – 1645

Advanced Methods of Joining Battery Cells in the Automotive Industry

Krzysztof Kwieciński, Janusz Pikuła, Piotr Śliwiński, Marek St. Węglowski, Sebastian Stano, Michał Urbańczyk – Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Welding, Katarzyna Lota – Łukasiewicz – Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, Marcin Kiełbasiński – Łukasiewicz Research Network – Tele and Radio Research Institute

1645 – 1700

Summary of the first day of the Conference


Wednesday, October 19th

900 – 1300

Session III

900 – 915

The Analysis of the Structure and the Hardness of TIG-welded Joints Made of Nickel Superalloy Inconel 600
Jacek Górka, Tomasz Kik, Marek Chruściel, Wojciech Jamrozik, Marta Kiel-Jamrozik– Silesian University of Technology

915 – 930

The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Laser-Welded Joints Made of Steel 17-4PH

Lechosław Tuz, Łukasz Sokołowski – AGH University of Science and Technology, Sebastian StanoŁukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Welding

930 – 945

Mechanical and Technological Aspects of Joining Fibrous Composite Hybrids with Metallic Semi-Finished Products

Alexander Dumpies – SLV Halle GmbH

945 – 1000

Magnetic Pulse Welding in Cryogenic Applications
Jörg Bellmann – Technische Universität Dresden, Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering

1000 – 1015

Numerical Analysis in the Welding of Structures with Respect to the Minimisation of Welding Distortions

Janusz Pikuła, Kamil Kubik, Piotr Sędek, Marek St. Węglowski, Krzysztof Kwieciński – Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Welding, Robert Czech, Marcin Spólnik – Naftoremont-Naftobudowa Sp. z o.o.

1015 – 1045

Coffee break

1045 – 12o0

Session IV

1045 – 1100

The Effect of Cooling Time on Properties of MAG-Welded Joints Made of High-Strength Steels Using Robotic Methods
Leszek Łatka –Wrocław University of Science and Technology

1100 – 1115

The Chemical Composition of the Weld Deposit in Metallic Products Made Using Additive Welding Methods

Krzysztof Pańcikiewicz – AGH University of Science and Technology

1115 – 1130

The Structure and Properties of Deposited Layers Obtained Using Powders Containing Sub-Micrometric Ceramic Particles
Mateusz Sowa – Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Welding

1130 – 1145

An FSW Spindle for the Robot – a Condensed Innovation
Laurent Dubourg– STIRWELD

1145 – 1200

Extended Friction Stir Welding Applications and the Use of Innovative FSW Heads
Mirosław Nowak, Technika Spawalnicza

1200 – 1215

Summary of the second day of the Conference

1300 – 1430


1430 – 1700

Tour of the Fair


Thursday, October 20th

900 – 1000

Session V

900 – 915

Primary Parameters Affecting the Emission of Fumes from Low-Alloy and Stainless Steel Wire in MIG/MAG Welding
Nicolas Floros – Air Liquide Innovation Campus Paris

915 – 930

Diffuse UV Radiation-Related Hazards in an Arc Welding Work Environment
Agnieszka Wolska, Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute

930 – 945

Environmental Assessment of the Arc and the Laser Welding of Austenitic Steels
Joanna Wyciślik-Sośnierz, Jolanta Matusiak – Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Welding

945 – 1100

Coffee break and poster session

1100 – 1215

Session VI, presenter

1100 – 1115

Selected Aspects of Ultrasonic Tests of Dissimilar Welded Joints
Łukasz Rawicki – Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Welding; Ryszard Krawczyk – Częstochowa University of Technology

1115 – 1130

Effects of Storing Flux-Cored Wires under Various Conditions

Aleksandra Świerczyńska – Gdańsk University of Technology

1130 – 1145

The Verification of Selected Performance Parameters of Manipulators - External Robot Axes and the L-type Positioner
Dariusz Golański, Paweł Cegielski, Paweł Kołodziejczak, Andrzej Kolasa –Warsaw University of Technology, Tadeusz Sarnowski – ZAP-Robotyka Ostrów Wlkp.

1145 – 1200

Manual Laser Welding and Cleaning System for Typical Metal Treatment Performed Using a 1.5 kW Fibre Laser
Remigiusz Synowiec – IPG Phototonic sp. z o.o.

1200 – 1215

Inspection of Equipment for Measurements of Resistance Welding Parameters - Standard Requirements and Testing Equipment
M. WelcelŁukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Welding

1215 – 1235

Summary of the third day of the Conference

Conclusion of the Conference
Adam Pietras – Director of Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Welding

1240 – 1430


1430 – 1600

Tour of the Fair


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