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Weldability of Steels and Non-ferrous Metals, Testing of Welded Structures

Instytut Spawalnictwa conducts research devoted to weldability of materials and welded structures. It also offers expert opinions, consultancy and approval tests.


Structural, mechanical and non-destructive testing, stress analysis and fatigue testing are performed to provide assistance for designers and producers of welding consumables and welded structures.

Structural testing:

  • metallographic testing
  • testing with the use of thermal cycle simulator
  • examination of microstructural transformations in steel

Mechanical testing:

  • strength and fatigue testing
  • static and impact testing
  • CTOD
  • bending and shear tests
  • hardness measurements

Non-destructive testing:

  • visual testing
  • penetrating testing
  • magnetic-particle testing
  • radiographic testing
  • ultrasonic testing

Assessment of quality and usefulness of welded structures

  • verification of designs and assessment of producibility of welded structure
  • numerical analysis of stresses and strains
  • diagnosis of structures with the use of acoustic emission and computer-assisted methods
  • measurement of exploitation and welding stresses
  • fatigue testing of welded joints.