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Welding and Allied Technologies

Instytut's team of technologists, highly experienced in conducting research and development works as well as collaborating with industry, offers a wide range of research and expertise services.


The offer includes collaboration and consulting in solving problems such as reduction of costs, quality and competitiveness, improvement of products and manufacture of welded structures. Instytut also offers qualification of welding technologies.

  • laser welding and surfacing
  • laser plasma and oxygen cutting
  • electron beam welding and surfacing
  • resistance welding
  • conventional friction welding, FSW and ultrasonic welding
  • flame, induction and oven brazing
  • arc welding and surfacing
  • MIG/MAG braze welding
  • welding of thermoplastics
  • flame spraying

Qualification of welding technologies (WPQR, WPAR, BPAR)